2023 fashion: Trends that will be popular this year + photos – Insider

2023 fashion: Trends that will be popular this year + photos – Insider

Lug-sole loafers will remain a strong trend.

Lug-sole refers to the chunky, rubber bottom on shoes and boots.

Anna Zhuk/Shutterstock

Ashley Full, cofounder and stylist at AMOUR781, said lug-sole loafers will remain popular, especially in the spring. The style refers to chunky, rubber soles. 

“The lug-sole loafers that were a favorite of ‘It Girls’ this fall will also continue to be a trend in spring,” she told Insider. “Your chunky loafer will be the perfect complement to the preppy tennis miniskirts that everyone added to their wardrobe in 2022.”

The stylist also recommended adding a collegiate-inspired cardigan to complete the look. 

Shades of green are on the rise.

Moss and fern green are at the top of the trend.

Cast Of Thousands/Shutterstock

Full told Insider she expects to see varying shades of green, including fern and moss, this year.

“We’ll see fern and moss green this spring into pre-fall,” she said. “This color might present a challenge for some, but you can embrace it through patterns or accessories.”

Pink is predicted to be popular, too.

Barbie-inspired pink is big right now.

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Shades of pink can make a bold statement, and Full told Insider there’ll be plenty of the color this year, especially with the new “Barbie” movie coming out in July.

“Expect to see the bold head-to-toe matching pink in fun bright shades,” she said. “The more reserved fashionistas may choose to tone it down with touches of moss and fern green. But I say don’t be afraid to go full matching.”

Ballet flats will continue to be popular.

The trend has come in and out of style for the last two decades.

Andriana Syvanych/Shutterstock

Harmony Pilobello and Shilpa Iyengar, designers and cofounders of Alterre, said the ballet-flat trend is here to stay. 

“As people transition from working at home in slippers or sneakers, ballet flats are a comfortable alternative for working in the office and running errands,” they said. “We also foresee more people wearing satin ballet flats to formal events like weddings.”

Transparent details, reminiscent of Y2K fashion, aren’t going anywhere.

Clear purses are an easy way to follow the trend.


Personal stylist Susan Padron expects Y2K trends, including transparent details, to stick around for shoes, bags, and clothes. 

“Think clear plastic but elevated and expensive,” she told Insider. “Brands like Mach & Mach are even putting out clear pumps to be worn to an event or as a statement with jeans.” 

Sparkles are perfect …….

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